In the 1970s, a young college student, Michael Carmen, was shot to death during a robbery at an Albuquerque, New Mexico gas station. Detective Greg MacAleese had no idea who was responsible for the killing and no witnesses came forward. MacAleese, conceived the idea of producing a video re-enactment of the homicide, guaranteeing anonymity for anyone with information as well as a reward from his own pocket. Soon a caller provided information that led to the arrest of two men within 72 hours and charged them with the murder of Carmen and a string of armed robberies. Realising that this type of programme might be useful in fighting crime, MacAleese convinced the Albuquerque Police Department to allow a group of citizens to establish the first Crime Stoppers. Since adopting the programme, Albuquerque's crime rate has dropped significantly. In 2009, Barbados launched its own Crime Stoppers. Both the police and the public accept the programme as a valid and effective investigative tool. It is a more palatable alternative to traditional methods of giving information.

Our Mission Statement

Crime Stoppers Barbados is dedicated to supporting the Royal Barbados Police Force as it seeks to eradicate criminal activity in Barbados for the benefit of its citizenry and visitors.