Crime Stoppers Barbados recognizes that the way to truly prevent, reduce and solve crime is by empowering our young people. We work to engage youth in various ways and encourage them in actively protecting their families, friends, classmates and neighbors.


The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust Crime Stoppers Barbados Youth Project

Working with students age 11 to 18 in their schools, we explain the negative effects of crime and violence. As young people they often lack the maturity necessary to understand how irrational or apathetic reactions to conflict have lasting effects. We want to create a movement of positive, civic-minded youth, who want to play an active role in making their schools and communities safe. We host a series of interactive workshops which are conducted on a class by class basis to ensure maximum effectiveness. Would you like your school to be involved? Or would you like to sponsor a workshop for your community school? To learn more email us at

Social Media

We will leverage the popularity and reach of social media to provide the youth of Barbados with a forum to discuss the negative issues in their environments such as crime, provide feedback and suggestions or offer solutions to address these issues and concerns. The ultimate objective of the online presence will be to create a network of young people who support efforts that make their schools and communities better, safer places. The programme will have to be appealing to youth so that they “want” to be part of this network and be properly structured and administered to ensure relevance, accuracy and positive communication.

Youth Against Crime

Check out the Facebook page for YOUTH AGAINST CRIME. This page is a place for us, the youth of Barbados to engage in a discussion about how we can become actively involved in making our beloved country a better place for all of us.